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What is the first step?



Start with a concept and a business plan that supports the concept. Considerations may include assessing physical feasibility of proposed site to relate the type of course that is desired for the anticipated construction budget. Consult with owner and owner’s team (planners, engineers, environmental consultants, etc.) to determine constraints and limitations.


We will prepare a business plan which can include all or some the following:

  • golf course construction cost estimates

  • Project capital cost allocations

  • Operational expense budget 10 yr. working proforma

  • Consult with owner on grow-in and initial start up of operations.


Let us help you develop a maintenance program and consult ongoing operations to ensure nothing gets missed.

Development of a sound routing will bring enjoyment for many future generations and it all starts with the first step.


Consulting Process



The objective is to use the gifts of the natural setting to harmonize a creative course design while controlling construction costs at the same time.

The Puddicombe Golf team is able to prepare detailed construction cost estimates derived from our working drawings that show in detail what each hole should look like once completed.

We will prepare colored renderings of the layout suitable for presentation and marketing.

We will also make provision of irrigation Design and information required for water license applications.

How much will it cost?

The client becomes a working partner with the Puddicombe Golf team and decisions are made together. Specific construction services are sourced to ensure that all budgets are accurate. Cost control is paramount and overruns that are common in other projects are avoided.


No two projects are the same, every client is different. Some projects require less detail in the planning and more creative license in the field, others require a higher level of detail planning. An evaluation of the land, customer needs and anticipated capital budgets will allow us to come up with a perfect fit for your budget.

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