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Puddicombe Golf- Awards & Media




  • A day spent with New Zealand Legend Sir Bob Charles - Check what it was like to spend a day with him and take him on a tour of the new Wainui Golf Club in New Zealand.    Read about Sir Bob Charles - Click here.


Sid Puddicombe
  • Alberta Golf called Sid Puddicombe the patriarch of golf course superintendents in Alberta in a beautiful story about Sid's contribution to the Golf Industry. Read the AG Story here! 

  • To honor Sid Puddicombe's achievements, "SCORE GOLF" magazine made him the first Canadian recipient of the "Superintendent of the Year" award in 1982 and a "Master Superintendent" in 1988


  • In March 1988, Sid was given the "John B. Steel Distinguished Services Award" for his contributions to the golf course industry.



RedTail Landing Golf Club
  • Chosen to host the "Alberta Open Golf Championship" for three years while still under construction. Usually, courses have been open and played before being chosen for such a great tournament.

  • Has been the host club for the Women's LPGA event, 2005 World Masters Games, 2006 World Deaf Golf Championships.


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