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Simply...The BEST BUNKER Construction in the WORLD!

We are proud to have been chosen the Exclusive Installer for Betty Billy Bunkers in New Zealand and we also will be bringing this to our Canadian Clients as well. 


If your Golf Course Struggles with keeping Bunkers up to Par, then ask yourself or your team these questions: 

  • What is your Bunker Maintenance Plan

  • What is your Budget you allot to that plan?

  • What percent is that of your overall Budget?

  • How often are you completely rebuilding your bunkers over the lifetime of the course? 

  • Inefficiencies in bunker maintenance can have a big cumulative effect - how many bunkers are on your Golf Course?


So yes, Bunkers cost a lot to maintain and here are some of the Challenges Golf Courses have with Bunkers

  • Daily hand maintenance,

  • Sand replacement due to contamination, foot traffic, and wind-blown loss

  • Drainage repairs or fix liners challenges, 

  • Playability of bunkers after heavy rains and storms

  • Edging, raking and ...........

  • Achieving bunker consistency on the course with bunkers to satisfy guests/members


So that is why we have chosen to partner with Better Billy Bunker systems and help provide our clients and golf courses with this system so they can have more consistency, maintain a better budget and less maintenance work overall. 



More About The Better Billy Bunker Method

Since 1994 when the Better Billy Bunker system was introduced to the golf construction industry more than 600 golf courses across North America have used this method to construct bunkers. 


The primary method of this bunker system involves a two-inch gravel layer applied over the bunker floor and herringbone tile system capped with a geo-textile liner.  The gravel serves as a conduit for water to transfer down the bunker floor slopes into the tile pipe system, thus greatly reducing and/or eliminating sand movement.  The liner secures the gravel blanket and prevents native soils underneath from contaminating the preferred bunker sand that was installed overtop the liner.  This method has consistently reduced manpower requirements in bunkers following rainstorms by 80 percent or more.


The binder allows water to pass through the stone at more than 1500” + inches per hour. After much study and testing, the Better Billy Bunker Method is a patented method and has been tested on hundreds of courses throughout the world. While these courses are located in varying climate conditions, one factor remains the same; excellent playing bunkers.  


Want to learn more about what it can do for your Golf Course?  Watch the Video and see the photos below to see how the system is installed and works. 

Click Here and we will set up a time to chat with you and see how much we can SAVE your Budget on TIME AND MONEY. 



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