Our team has had the pleasure of working on so many amazing projects. Some started out being on a Consultant basis, others were new golf courses being built and constructed, and we take pride in knowing we have the expertise to help from the planning stages, construction or renovations to understanding what it takes from the business and operations side. 


If you're looking for a team that can do it all or just help in different areas of Golf Course Consulting, Design, Master Planning, and Construction of your Golf Courses then have a conversation with the team from Puddicombe Golf. We have worked on Golf Courses in Canada, USA, Japan, and New Zealand. 


Every Course we have worked on has given us a new challenge to produce a unique product for the golfer and club. Every piece of land has different characteristics and provides its own nuances.


Our specialty is the complete package with everything from Golf Course Design & Master Planning, Business Plans as well as implement the complete construction of the project allowing for tighter controls on budgets for our customers. 


We have worked with numerous other golf course architects completing the construction of their plans which gives us wide exposure and diversity. Have a chat with us so we can learn how we can best serve your Golf Course. 




We work with owners, Superintendents and managers to put a plan in place so you have a road map to follow.


With proper realistic planning, we can design to suit the business plan while identifying opportunities which help capitalize on the investment.  


Golf Course construction is a science and represents the largest part of your investment.


Our team has immense experience and we own a fleet of specialized equipment which allows us to produce quality workmanship.


Our Design/Build approach allows us to value-engineer the work,resulting in the best use of the owners investment. 


We are the only certified Installer for the Better Billy Bunker systems in New Zealand. This system is an Enhanced Bunker Drainage System that minimizes sand erosion and sand contamination from native soils during heavy rainstorms. 


Golf Courses can save time and money as well as reduce the cost and hours of  maintenance. 


We consider Sports fields to be much like Golf Courses, a high quality specialty turf surface.


Whether it is a professional baseball diamond or a school football field, our team has the experience and proven ability to produce the best results. 




Welcome To Puddicombe Golf
Are you dreaming of Building or Renovating a Golf Course?


When you’re investing in your dream or

if you’re considering renovating and

making some changes to your golf course,

Don’t you want it to be …
                       THE VERY BEST
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Then you have come to the right place!

If you have a passion for Golf, talk to us – everything we do is “golf & turf related.”


If you’re in the Budgeting or Planning Phase or 

looking to build/renovate your existing Golf Course,

you can find inspiration, expertise, and experience for your dream

by calling the Puddicombe Golf Team.


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