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Putting Golf Courses

Putting Golf Course

Putting Courses are a wonderful asset to any golf course. We can design and construct a all grass putting course that will provide any course with extra revenue, a feature for tournaments, and it adds to your overall practice facility. Your golfers will enjoy sharpening their skills on the putting course as we all know putting can make or break a golfers game. We will create a challenging, fun and beautiful putting course complete with 18 holes, putting fairways, bunkers and water features – it’s just like a championship golf course…only on a smaller scale. Your golfers will benefit from a round that challenges them and the novice golfer will come back because it’s fun and enjoyable.Its a great way to get juniors involved in the game of golf as well. ¬†And all your golfer needs is a putter to play the game.

We would be happy to talk with you more about what a Putting Golf Course can do for your club.