Professional Golf Course Design
and Construction Since 1981


About the Company

Puddicombe Golf is a family owned and operated business with our head office based in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. We’ve been in business since 1981 and each of us specializes in a different aspect of the golf business.

Golf is our passion, from consulting and business plans to design and construction…and we still occasionally have time for a round of golf or two.

Sid has been in the business since 1947 so he’s golfed a few more rounds than the rest of us. He didn’t have to twist any arms to have us join him in the business. Mark and Grant grew up on golf courses.

creative water hazards are an important aspect of golf course design

The objective of Puddicombe Golf has always been to create an interesting test of golf where your players will remember each and every hole, use every club in their bag and willingly return.

The key is to work with the land in order to make the course “player friendly” and ensure all hazards are visible.

“Bogey should be easy to achieve and Par should be earned”

It is important to create a smooth flow of play and not discourage the recreational players with unreasonable tests on their abilities.

Our vast experience gained in all facets of golf course development and operations is passed on directly to our clients in order to streamline the development process.

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Have you ever dreamed of working on a golf course, we are always looking for amazing people to join our team.